Monday, 28 June 2010

Birthday Treat

June 5th is my birthday, and this year the Bee Eff decided to surprise me.
After breakfast that day, the Bee Eff went to run some errands and when he returned home, he greeted me with the most beautiful bouquet of Peonies, which are one of my favourite flowers.

Then after getting ready we set off on a mini roadtrip, with a surprise destination for me, as G. had organised to take me someplace to spend the day.
Fortunately the weather was glorious, with a really great blue sky.

We drove north, through Sutri and Montefiascone, passing some great scenery, including this amazing medieval Basilica.
Finally, I figured ut out destination when I saw the lake... we were headed to Lago di Bolsena (Lake Bosena).
I've never been here and I have to say that the entire area is stunning, very well kept, tidy and very scenic.
There is such a peaceful atmosphere in the small town, filled with lots of young people, couples, children and tourists..

strolled past a small docking area, a tiny marina if you will, where we got to view some of the small yachts and boats moored on the docks.
With the wonderful sunshine and rather clear water (considering it was a small harbourage area) gaves stunning photo ops, showing off wonderful reflections, which I happily captured, as you can see in the photo above aswell.

After a short stop for a coffee for G. and an ice tea for me, we took the car again and drove to the other side of the lake, where we stopped off to stroll a bit, passing a quieter, greener part of lakeside.
The sun's glow at this time of day, an hour or so before sunset, caused wonderful reflecions and sparkles on the water, while the daisies swayed in the light breeze.

What a magnificent day!

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