Thursday, 24 June 2010

Ok. Here goes.... again.

Third time's a charm right? Maybe.
I decided to scrap my old blogs. So much has gone on since I started those... since I last posted in them.

So, let's start afresh.
I can't guarantee that I'll keep this thing updated, but I sure want to.
I know I have friends out there who always brag about me getting back into blogging... right Heather??
Anyways... here goes.

Oh.. what kind of stuff will I be writing about? Heck if I know!
How about... work, the new home, the boyfriend, photography, vacations, friends, parties?
No? Hmm.... how about... dirty little sex stories? Better? Ok. We got a deal.

Yeah sorry... for that stuff it's $50 upfront. Nope, you CAN'T get a receipt for that! NO... you can't pay at the end of the post. Upfront means upfront!

Pfft... I can already tell you guys are gonna be a tough crowd! Gees. Why did I ever sign up to do this anyways?!?

Ok. I'll try to be nice and you get to read for free. Better?
Thought so.

Now let me leave you with one last treat...
Thought for today: What's more annoying, polka dots or zebra stripes?
I'm redecorating.


  1. I think both are equally annoying, unless you live in Europe.

  2. And with this, you're trying to say what, exactly??

  3. Nothing... *whistles innocently*

  4. Uh Huh... I see how it is.
    *rips up ticket to USA*

  5. Now that I know you don't hate me... I just wanted to tell you, baby...

    I will wear polka dot spandex tights and a zebra striped top JUST FOR YOU. As long as I have a pink sun umbrella to go with it.

  6. BABY... you know that you can do that for me anytime... so long as I can take pictures of it for proof!

  7. I feel SO European now in them clothes.....

  8. Careful... Blackehorse apparently HATES Eurotrash


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