Monday, 5 July 2010

Ahh this is the life....

photo 1.JPG

Nothing better than enjoying a nice day's labour, DYIing your way through the construction of a Gazebo. How easy is that!?!
Sheesh.... don't they pay people to do that kind of thing?

Anyways... 4 hours and 12 litres of sweat later... tadaaaaaaa!
How do I look? Umm... yeahh, I mean, how does it look?

*insert huge, proud momma grin here*


  1. Very nice. We were thinking of getting one for our yard. But we have porches, so perhaps we really don't need one.

  2. is that in your place ?? wow !

  3. Yes maia i've bene living here since october : )

  4. it's so lovely! romantic looking even!

    So proud of you chica! xoxox



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