Wednesday, 14 July 2010

"The Firm"

Well... two weeks in, and I'm still alive.
I know I fell silent, and there is a just reason for this.
See, we at The Firm believe in hard work and no time for idle chitcha.... ahh who the f%&@k am I kidding lol...

Let's face it, I walked into my new office and suddenly realised I had stepped into a chapter from George Orwell's 1984!
Don't believe me? Oh but I welcome you to stop by and see for your self!
We have:
- no accss to email websites, like Yahoo, Gmail and the like;
- no access to Facebook (which ok, I understand);
- no possibility to personalise our pc desktops with any other wallpaper but The Firm's official logo;

There are a whole bunch of procedures to follow and forms to fill out....
But other than this, it's a pretty lively place and never a dull moment!!


  1. glad things are going well despite your absolute cut off to the outside world! lol

    I was wondering how my lil poptart was surviving....


  2. dont u have ur smartphone to have some freedom?

  3. oh sure I do... I'd be dead without it!
    I just don't have much time!

  4. Hello! Loving your blog, just stumbled onto it! I have just started "fresh" as well, with my 3rd, which sofar is pretty...product driven/boring? Like you, not sure where it will go, or how often I will be able to keep it up...
    anyhow, happy weekend!

  5. Hi DT... glad you found me.
    Good luck with your blogging... it's not easy keeping it up every day...
    I'm on my way to check it out though!


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