Monday, 26 July 2010


Is it normal that I'm becoming obsessed with baking?

I seem to be collecting all sorts of cookie, cake and cupcake recipes... yet never have the time.. (or rather FIND time) to sit down (figuratively speaking...) and bake them!

I blame the sweet tooth in me.. I could just dive into anything sweet, like a nice chewy choc-chip cookie, or some yummy vanilla cupcake. I've even bought starter kits, with those cute paper cupcake holders, and recipe books.
I've saved tons of cool cooking blogs amongst my faves... but rarely have produced anything of my own... except for my bithday cake.

now, having been asked to bake a chocolate cake for a 12 year old's birthday, I am forced to get bake into my apron and pull out that ol' spatula.
And sothe search begins for the perfect (yet easy) choclate cake recipe!
Wish me luck!


  1. I am totally with you on this. Something about baking yummy stuff just makes me feel good ~ it's one of those simple things that involves sharing and happy moments! Have fun on your quest for the best chocolate cake around! yum!!

  2. I might have found it.... but I don't think I have time to try it out first!!

  3. Good Luck luv....and I got your tag board message and I've had your blog address updated on my "Must reads" for weeks...I just had BOTH of them on there, your old blog AND your new one! :)


  4. aww thanks HL...
    Glad to be up there with the rest of the best... LOL


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