Wednesday, 28 July 2010

In this global day and age....

I remember back in the day, my world consisted of my two best friends from school, Kerstin and Monica, and my next-door neighbour Oliver.
Together we'd get into all sorts of situations... play games, have sleepovers, ride our bikes... and dream of building treehouses.
Life seemed so easy... no internet or computers to keep you chained to your desk. No cell phones or text mesages waiting to be read. No "in box" full of spam.
It was just you and your buddy... a whole bunch of colouring books, Barbies and the good ol' telephone. You remember the kind, with the big ass receiver, and the really long curled up cord?
Yeah... that's the one.
That one time you received a phonecall, you flt like you were Pope or something... just talking for hours, about nothing and everything.
Your world was at peace. You were content.
And then you were in bed by 9pm.

While heading to work today, sitting on my little seat, on the train, I thought back to when I'd left my phone at home a cople of days before.
I actually felt naked! Lost... like, I didn't know what to do with myself. Nothing to fidget with.. no constant email allerts. No text messaging opportunities at my finger tips.. and worst of all no god darn dress book!
I dunno about you but, I can't seem to remember a single phone number, now that they're all stored on my cell phone! Can you??
And... the icing on the cake... I don't know what time it is! For some dd reason, I've stopped wearing a watch and the nly way for me to tell the time, without having to stop a passerby is to look at the phone's display.
(I'll spare all the other, yet "vital", things an iPhone offers its owner...)

Today we have: email, instant messaging, text messaging, online communities, social networks, VoIP, affiliate sites, forums, bulletin boards, blogs!!!
We reach far and across any border - time and space - we're filled with more friends that hours in a day, or days in a year...
We hardly have time to even hold a conversation with our neighbour or with a friend, yet we spend hours reaching out to people we barely know... and none of this is done physically, in their presence!
As absurd and ironic as it can be, we are one of the lonliest generations to have et foot on this globe so far! We make over 100 contacts a day, but seldom greet anyone with a shake of hand, smile, hug or a kiss.
If I think about it, it really saddens me... and I'm part of it too.
I've stopped picking up the phone to call someone and say "hey, lets meet for a coffee or for lunch" because I can just as easily (with less effort and expenditure of time and money) catch up with them through an email or by simply reading their status messages on Twitter!
The world's gone nuts!
I miss the day, when you'd sit on a bench during recess or your lunch break and compare lunch boxes... or show off your scratch 'n' sniffs!
Life was grand!


  1. I think about this all the time.
    I MISS the "good old days" !!!! I love the internet, but like u, I always want to text instead of calling and spend obscene amounts of time fidgeting, searching, and commenting. There is nothing better in life *nothing, nothing, NOTHING* than real moments with real people (i mean in person.)~ the richness of family and friends will never be outdone. you captured all of my thoughts exactly!!

  2. DT - it's so amazing to' see how much we've changed and adapted our ways to accomodate technology.
    To think that my 64 year old mom uses internet and email daily and that my 84 year old
    Grandma had a cell phone is astounding don't you think?

  3. Dearest Sunshine ~ be careful there honeybritches, don't go knocking the kind of technology that could bring together an olive skinned italian and a white as all get out Ohioian and make our worlds a little less far apart! :)

    I do miss the days when people just stopped over to visit you....when the phone on the wall at your house was for "YOU"!....but there's hope for us....because there ARE still people out there who make an yourself said that you rarely call for least you recognize that you do long as you see it, so long as you dislike it, there's still hope to change it.

    remember that.


  4. oh HL... don't get me wrong, I thank and count my lucky stars everytime I turn on the computer...
    If it wasn't for technlogy and changing times, I'd have never found you!!

    I guess the secret is to never let one take the upperhand on the other!


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