Monday, 2 August 2010

First trial run cupcakes

Well... I did it!!
I foundly found time!
I got out my brand spankling new (even got that new book feel and smell!) recipe books out and starting to browse.

Once I'd found the basic cupcake recipe I liked, I dived into the fridge and slowly set out and arranged all that i'd need...
Took out the butter to let it soften, weighed my sugar, counted my eggs, opened up the brand new pack of self-raising (man, what an awesome invention!) flower... and followed the directions religiously.
I even had my cute little cupcake liners picked out... so many colours to choose from!

Once all battered up and ready to pop into the oven, I wathched as my little marvels grew.
17 minutes (not 16, not 18..) later and voilà.. I had 12 perfect, yes I mean PERFECT, cupcakes ready to be cooled and then iced.

While I studied the decorations I'd bought a couple of weeks ago, decided which of the pretty sparkles or rainblow coloured sprinkles to try, a thought suddenly strucke me... "icing sugar!!"... did I buy icing sugar after finishing it, the last time I used it?

*insert shriek here* Crap ... I) didn't. F&£$k S"HT " @&"'?#§ AAAARGH!

I was so bummed! I had these perfect looking, delicious smelling, wonderful cupcakes... and no pretty icing to go on top!

Needless to say... they smelled just so darned good, we went ahead and ate half of them anyways... you know, just to test them and make sure they came out ok!
Ya know what? They sure did!!


  1. YUMMMM, I am craving sweets right now, and cake would be perfect! And yes, it is your responsibility to make sure that each cupcake is delicious...teehee.

    thanks for the sweet comment today too! :D

  2. Hahaha, well DT.. I sur will try!
    I didn't go home after work, but to my mom's... so I guess the decorating will have to wait.

    and yw, btw....
    : )


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