Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Things I love

I read a friend's blog post yesterday and it got me thinking...

There are so many tiny little things that may seem like ordinary mundane thigns, yet maybe mean so much to us... or that just put a smile on our face.

Here are mine:

* I like it when I hear a baby's laughter or giggle.. it just instantly puts me in a good mood!

* I like all things girlie, like glitter, sparkles, and pink decorations on cupcakes.

* I love sleeping in a bed that's just had its sheets changed

* I love wrapping gifts and the smell of scotch invisible tape

* I love birthdays, especially mine

* I love nailpolish and getting a manicure...

* I love sunny days and blue skies with white puffy clouds

* I love it when i see new shoots, or new buds on a plant

* I love receiving mail... real mail (when they aren't bills of course)

* I love Fridays

* I love being hugged

* I love singing in the car when the radio is blaring and I'm the only one in it

* I love taking the first bite into a freshly baked Custard Cream Krapfen

* I love taking photographs of people I see as beautiful, when they aren't looking

* I love waking up to find it's a beautiful sunny day

* I love laughing so hard you almost have to pee

* I love a brand new pair of heels

* I love getting my hair washed at the salon... how they massage your scalp for what feels like an eternity

* I love the scent of certain candles

* I love lipgloss and the way it shines

* I love summer and how the sun goes down so late

* I love the city and its bright lights

* I love cupcakes and everythign about them: how they look, how they smell, the bright or soft colours of their icing, the decorations applied, and how they're a tiny version of happiness in a box.


  1. that's quite a list there lil lady! I <3 it!

    I rather enjoyed the making of my list....I sure hope you shared in that enjoyment in making yours..



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