Thursday, 2 September 2010

Autumn Colours

It's funny how Autumn creeps up on you, when you're still enjoying your summer, unwantingly afraid of it ending.... holding on to those last few days of August.
And before you know it, Mother Nature is way ahead of you... gently hinting that the season has already started to change.

This is an all too familiar scene in the US, where the leaves delight us with the many shades of greens, browns, and golden orange. In Rome, however, this is something we're not very used to (in fact the photo you see above was taken on my brief trip to Paris a couple of weeks ago).
The leaves on our trees tend to simply dry up, the colours fade and then just fall off.
And while that dried up leaf slowly plummets to the ground, it captures its last breathe of life, enjoying one final adventure, as it rides the gust of wind that will eventually bring it to its final resting place, the ground.

autumn ˜ autunno

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