Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Paris - day 1

Tuesday August 17th 2010

Day 1 of our 3 day Paris visit.

The BeeEff and I woke to find a so so day, in terms of sunshine, with a rather brisk air (considering the 30+ degrees celcius we left behind in Rome!).

Seeing as our friend Lino was in Paris also for a short vacation, we decided to meet up for breakfast at... wait for this.... Starbucks!!
I know, I know.. most of you will frown - how can you be in Paris and not try the "local stuff"?To my defence let me just say, don't forget that good food and the European breakfast isn't new to us. We too get croissants and of course Italy is the coffee haven... so to us Starbucks is a treat! (How ironic, huh?) LOL

After our indulgence of calories, we took a stroll through Rue Montorgueil, headed towards Les Halles and Marais.
We stopped off to take pics of anything and everything... even this cute little church (LOL) which I later discovered to be Eglise Saint-Eustache.

We passed the Forum des Halles and this cute merry-go-round (which i've noticed are quite popular in Paris, seeing as I spotted a few others in several different places) that even had a pink pig!

We then headed slightly east, into Marais, passing the most quaint alleys and fabulous colourful doors, designer clothing stores and home decor shops.
We then arrived behind le Centre Pompidou, where we stopped to see some funny art installations in a fountain (most likely by some famous artisits, but i was too lazy to ask or check on the guidebook!).
We stopped off for a drink at a bar in the more colourful part of Marais, where I again tested my new zoom lens and afterwards my friend parted ways with us.

While Lino was off to meet some friends, G. and I headed towards the Hotel de Ville, and then onto the two small islands Yes, islands), in the direction of the Notre Dame.
What can I say, that hasn't already been said or that you can't imagine yourselves... its structure was impressive. This huge gothic church simply dominates the square and the whole area, with its bell tower shadowing in all its glory.
Of course the gargoyles at the top remind me of so many photos I've seen... and also of a scene from the movie Ghostbusters!

We continued back on to the main land, where we arrived in Saint-Michel, where there are many Turkish, Marroccan and Greek restaurants.
After a small shopping detour, we decided to head back to the hotel to quickly change, before meeting up with Lino and opther friends.
We hung out a bit at the bar, then the three of us (my other friend Stan, G. and myself) slowly walked towards Place de Vosges looking for a place to eat.
After dinner, a brief stroll then back to the hotel to bed!

What a great first day!


  1. what a day! and well described!
    the sculptures in the pool near the Pompidou center were made by Niki de Saint Phalle!
    I even made something inspired by her in a art summer class when I was young :D

    so what's next? my turn to come back to Italy? ;-)


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