Friday, 10 September 2010

That's how I roll

They're back!
The secret lovers are back!
After the summer break and vacation period, the two lovers who secretly rendez-vous on a subway platform are back to their old habits; secretly meeting under ground while the world above ground idly sleeps.
As the rest of the city goes about its ways, slowly waking and preparing to start its day, two individuals furtively set up their "backstage" romance one of Rome's damp, dark under ground subway stations.

Disclaimer - Ya know, just to be on the safe side!
This if course is a projection of my immagination. I have no idea really if these two people are indeed lovers, spouses, relatives or possibly just simply friends.

I simply see them every day when I get off the train, sitting there at the platform, just like you would if you were waiting for the train but when it does arrive, and I get off, they don't get on.
And as my mind started to wander, I fantasized and made up a story. That's how I roll.


  1. very imaginative Alex! I like the idea of secret lovers....


  2. hehe thanks, me too!
    I'm almost positive I'm right... there's no other explanation for their weird behaviour!

  3. maybe they are vampires, and they can't be out in the sun....



  4. Well then where were they in august? Lol

  5. somewhere dark and gloomy....perhaps washington state! ;)


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