Monday, 18 October 2010

An update, of sorts...

While I'm not out partying and reliving "good ole' days", I'm at home working on making this house a home.

G. and I have been putting off decorating the bedroom since the summer.
We've had the paint we bought for the bedroom sitting in our spare room since August. We've been meaning to paint the bedroom wall since the summer and of course have never gotten round to it.

We bought all the equipment, compared colour schemes and picked the colour. Friday I sat G. down and told him that there was no running away from it this week end. It was gonna be us against the bedroom wall! I'm a girl on a mission!

And so fun morning began... we applied the first coat Saturday and 2nd coat on Sunday.
It wasn't as messy as I thought it'd be and we actually had fun and managed to finish pretty quickly! It didn't even stink too much either and by bed time we were able to sleep in the room.

As if that wasn't enough to keep us busy, I also promised G.'s sister I'd bake cupcakes for her son's (G's nephew) birthday party. So rather than sit and watch the paint dry (literally!) I pulled out my recipe book and food processor and whipped up the cupcake mix and about an hour later.... voilà!!

This time I decided to streth out of my comfort zone and venture with a piping bag for my very first time! The outcome was far from perfect... but not a complete failure either... don't you think?? Needless to say, there were no leftovers!

As to the bedroom.... Ta-daaaaa! After the 2nd coat was all done, this was the outcome... How does it look?

In other news... groceries, lunch, couch potatoing, tidying... not necessarily in that order.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

I heart the 80s

You know how certain fashion trends, fads, icons or accessories come back to fashion years later? Well... not sure if you've noticed but... brace yourselves.... the 80s are BACK!

G. and I went to an 80s-themed party on Saturday night... and it was "fancy dress". Can you imagine digging into your closet looking for those gawd-awful terrible clothes you so desired and swooned over back in highschool??
I'll tell ya.. my outfit was PERFECT! I even had the hair and shades to match! Too bad I didn't have a scrunchie! That would have just been the "RAD"! Hahaha... even the language has evolved since then, thankfully, might I add!

Anyway.. as much as you all want to cringe and fake it... you all know you LOVED the 80s... BIG hair, BRIGHT makeup, LOUD coloured, colour-CLASHING t-shirts... and the awesome awesome music!
It was just a fun fun night... and it was so cool to see everyone made an effort and dressed in theme!

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

You're gonna like this!

Oh boy oh boy oh boy!!
Have I got news for you!! Guess what went down this past week end?? A summit of 14 "heads of state"... that's what!!

In case you haven't guessed it... Sunday was the official "Meet the Parents" day! Or rather, my parents meet your parents day

Yep... After almost a year of living together (to the day, almost... We moved in together Oct. 4th 2009) G. and I finally decided to have our parents meet.
I understand that, especially in the US, this usually takes place when you get engaged... and though there's nothing "official" between us, G. and I are pretty sure about what we feel for one another and where we want our lives to go... together, in the same direction.

And so this is it... a table for 14! LOL
Well... to make it less "official" and more homely, festive and "light", we invited my older brother and his gf, my younger sister, my grandma, G.'s sister with husband and 1 of the 2 kids (the other went to the stadium to see the soccer match), and last but not least, G's sister's father-in-law. *Phew*.

Care for the menu? Sure...

1. Fettucine al ragù (That's Egg pasta with bolognese sauce for y'all amateurs LOL)
2. Sauteéd peas
3. Roasted potatoes
4. Deep-fried, breaded chicken breasts
5. Nutella Roll...

Sound good?
= )

Btw... A merry time was had by all.