Wednesday, 6 October 2010

You're gonna like this!

Oh boy oh boy oh boy!!
Have I got news for you!! Guess what went down this past week end?? A summit of 14 "heads of state"... that's what!!

In case you haven't guessed it... Sunday was the official "Meet the Parents" day! Or rather, my parents meet your parents day

Yep... After almost a year of living together (to the day, almost... We moved in together Oct. 4th 2009) G. and I finally decided to have our parents meet.
I understand that, especially in the US, this usually takes place when you get engaged... and though there's nothing "official" between us, G. and I are pretty sure about what we feel for one another and where we want our lives to go... together, in the same direction.

And so this is it... a table for 14! LOL
Well... to make it less "official" and more homely, festive and "light", we invited my older brother and his gf, my younger sister, my grandma, G.'s sister with husband and 1 of the 2 kids (the other went to the stadium to see the soccer match), and last but not least, G's sister's father-in-law. *Phew*.

Care for the menu? Sure...

1. Fettucine al ragù (That's Egg pasta with bolognese sauce for y'all amateurs LOL)
2. Sauteéd peas
3. Roasted potatoes
4. Deep-fried, breaded chicken breasts
5. Nutella Roll...

Sound good?
= )

Btw... A merry time was had by all.


  1. Hey girl,
    oh I think, it was about time that your parents caught up!!!!
    Hell... 1 year.. time pass by so fast.
    Your menu reads sooo yummy, ragu... yum yum..
    And, how about the nutella roll?? never heard about it.
    But as I love nutella.... lol...

  2. Hahaha thanks pieti..

    Nutella roll is Made of a very soft but firm sponge

    Look up rotolo di Nutella on google... You'll see what i mean


  3. pretty big step there Alex.....what's that I hear? wedding bells? what!?!?!? ;)

  4. gee Heather... I sure hope so


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