Monday, 22 November 2010

I miss my blog!

I've been bad. Very bad. So bad, in fact, I'm afraid Santa won't bring me any gifts this year!
I've neglected my blog and my 2 (maybe 3) readers.

I could make up all sorts of excuse and tell you how busy I've been, how work has absorbed all my free braincells, how the gym has totally pooped out the fun in me and how the rain that has been wetting Rome for days just put me in a gloomy slum.

Truth is.. there is no excuse, really.

My life, lately has been pretty much all work, gym and very little play.

Ok well, some play... mainly cupcake making, dinners and other food related rendez-vous. LOL

What's that you say, diet? Umm yeah... about that. See, well... uhh... ok FINE!!

It's sort of on hold. Weel not really. I haven't quite given up. It's just that, with all the extra gym hours and stuff, it leaves me little time during the week to prepare my meals as they should be. So I just eat what I can, and what I make for the BF.

Plus, did anyone ever tell you that when you start pumping up your metabolic rate your appetite increases by like 50%?? Yeah. I get home from the gym starving!! AND craving all sorts of sweet stuff! I always get like this in winter, darn it!

The food news (for my ass, anyways) is that at least I'm not gaining any weight. I'm at a sort of static stage, if you will. Where i am pretty much burning what I am eating. So my weight for now is stable. BUT.. I'm loosing lots of liquids so I am looking a bit less "bloated" lol.

Yeah.. interesting table-talk here. Sorry.

I am sad to report, that there have been no new exciting roadtrips or fun nights out.

The weather has just been so uninviting really.

I'm hoping this will soon change.

Stay tuned! And meantime, enjoy a cupcake, would ya?


  1. I'm working out, too. I'm taking aerial conditioning at a trapeze school. The work outs completely waste me. But I hope to be doing exciting things next year, like climbing and spinning on silk ropes!

    Anyway, I read Middlesex a few years ago. Great book. I hear they plan to make it into a movie. Send a big hug to Guido and the rest of the Mob! I miss everyone.

  2. Sounds like a fun workout! Good luck!

    Hugs back.


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