Monday, 29 November 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... early!

Is it me, or is the world celebrating Christmas early this year?

It started off back at the very start of November. Strange lights, window decorations and whathaveyous popping up randomly. They were sporadic sightings, making me think that some folks just wanted to get a head start to the festive cheer.

Then, like a virus, the following week, more and more stores and streets started putting up the typical festive lights and signs.

Next, it was supermarkets with aisles and aisles of typical Christmas delicacies; traditional Italian Panettone cakes, bottles of Prosecco, hazelnut chocolate nougat bars and Torrone. (YUM!)
That's when it hit me... we're definitely celebrating Christmas early this year.... and this got me thinking.

What reasons lie behind such a decision? Is it to boost sales? Is it because the economy sucks so bad this year that people want something happy and festive to think about to distract them from every day problems? I'm guessing it's probably a bit of both.
What ever the reason, let's just hope we don't all get sick of the holidays before they're actually here!


  1. Christmas tree is up, all the presents I have bought thus far are wrapped and under the tree, there is holly garland up over each of my thresh holds...

    your american friend is also way ahead of her normal Christmas schedule!

    I'm not sure if it's a distraction from the economic times for me as it is....the holidays make me feel warm and cozy and filled with a sense of family and love. If it were up to me, I'm not entirely sure I wouldn't celebrate Christmas all year long! ;) I am notorious for busing out my Christmas music cd's in the middle of the summer when I'm doing the dishes! yeah, I'm "that girl"...and YOU love me! ha, ha...never saw that one coming did ya?


  2. Yeah i get the festive part in fact even I'm sort of celebrating it this year. Well... Just the decoration part, not the religious celebration part of course.
    I'm making our own wreath to hang on the door! And if you know me you'll know it will be very "Alexy" and not is much christmassy! Lol

    Anywho... I think too much of anything makes you sick of it after a while. Well except sex lol... Never too much of that. And chocolate of course!

    Happy holidays!


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