Wednesday, 3 November 2010

My how time flies!

I can't believe I've been silent for this long!
It's not like i've been hiding or not wanting to purposely post or anything.
I've just been super busy. It's not easy leading a healthy life ya know??

It's the gym. for real! It's taking up all my free time... you'd think I were a JI Jane or something by now... but I have so much stored up weight to loose and getting my lazy gears in motion hasn't been easy, but i've been reallt perseverant so far!
Plus, this week end just gone by saw a national holiday on Nov. 1st, so that meant no work, which meant more time at home, which meant me doing extra thigsn around the house... like cook, clean... and of coruse some partying and post-party recovering!
How did you guys spend your Halloween? Had fun, I take it? Mine was so so... we had fun plans to go to a club, where they had a cabaret show and music afterwards... too abd the cabaret show was horrid (and not in a good way). I was just plain dumb, stupid. Not funny in the remotest way.

Plus the club was super packed! call me old (and I think this is the first sign of aging...) but I just can't stand a packed club, when you have no room to even breath, let alone scrtach your nose or god forbid decide you actually want to DANCE!
It just wasn't a very fun time. Oh well... live and learn. Next time I go out clubbing, no matter the cost, I'm reserving a table! LOL

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