Wednesday, 24 November 2010


I told you there'd be news, didn't I!?! Ok wait... I didn't?
Ok well I'm telling you now!! I've got news for you!! = )

By popular demand (ok.. who am I kidding... no one asked...)... umm, because I said so (there, that's more like it!) I hereby bring you my new recipe blog!
Yup, you got it! It's a blog. With recipes. Simple, right?

Seriously, though. BS aside, I've decided to start a recipe blog. I have posted a couple of recipes before and the odd 1 or two people have actually asked me about them, and becaise I enjoy cooking and becuase I like to share, I figured maybe one or two of you out there might actually enjoy this.
It might give you reason to try something new. It might make you dare to dabble in unfamiliar territroy (Heather???? LOL).
Heck, it might make you run to the nearest fastfood chain...

On my part I know it was something I've been thinking of attempting but never actually had the nerve to start, if anything because I never thought I was up to the other recipe bloggers' standards!
Anywho... there you have it. It's done, no going back now!

Rest assured, I am no Martha Stewart. You will not find those pciture-perfect, cookbook wonders!
It's a place to maybe find new inspiration and vary your dinner rotations.
It's a place to share ideas, suggestions and even some of your own recipes if you like!

It's still sort of in the making and so far there's an introductory post, but feel free to take a look and stop by regularly, as I will be updating and adding more content and my first recipes very soon.

So go on... click that link! Save it to your blog roll... spread the word!
Vanilla Sky Pie is open for business!!

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